My work examines the influence of chemical companies on our food supply, and considers the connection between corporate interests and public health.  I create collages, text-based works and site-responsive installations exploring the complex relationship between economy and ecology.

Underpinning my work is a strong research-based practice grounded in the investigation of corporate propaganda, environmental politics and biotechnology. Using source materials such as vintage medical books, 20th century agricultural magazines, archival photographs, USDA promotional videos, and mid-century print advertisements, my work critiques the prevailing narrative.


Genetically Commodified is an ongoing multi-disciplinary project (drawing, installation, sound) that investigates the consequences of introducing GMOs into our food supply. Through recent political and media discussions, familiarity with serious issues affecting our industrial food chain is steadily increasing. Genetically Commodified explores these issues within an artistic framework, working across mediums to create an integrated environment where the audience can consider the influence of GMOs.