I use collage, drawing, text, and installation to critique how agrichemical companies curate their image and conceal their past. I’m interested in how these corporations position themselves as modern agricultural companies, while actively concealing their pesticides’ decades-long toxic impact on the soil. By deconstructing their marketing methods, online and in the media, including analyzing specific language and image choices, I can begin to uncover the misdirection and deceptive messaging.

Having pesticide-related health issues has motivated me to expose corporate disinformation by the agricultural industry. I combine archival research with appropriated printed and digital source materials to create artworks that resurface company history and expose persistent greenwashing. By mirroring seductive corporate imagery, language, and typography, my work aims to disrupt perceptions and invites viewers to critically engage with industry propaganda.


Genetically Commodified is an ongoing multi-disciplinary project (drawing, installation, sound) that investigates the consequences of introducing GMOs into our food supply. Through recent political and media discussions, familiarity with serious issues affecting our industrial food chain is steadily increasing. Genetically Commodified explores these issues within an artistic framework, working across mediums to create an integrated environment where the audience can consider the influence of GMOs.