For the past several years, I have been deepening my research into the influence of agrichemical and biotech companies on our food system.  A large part of my studio practice is uncovering background information that is often deliberately distorted or concealed.

The mediums of collage and text-based work have been ideal formats to explore hidden agendas and reframe industry narratives.  I appropriate corporate language and messaging to shed light on troubling histories. Using source materials such as 20th century medical books, agricultural equipment catalogs, archival photographs, USDA promotional videos, and mid-century print advertisements, my work dismantles the prevailing narrative.

Thematically, I have broadened my work to include projects dealing with surveillance, military engagement during the Cold War and language-based artworks utilizing text as a form of critique. My projects have a particular commentary in mind, yet giving the viewer space for an ambiguous reading or even an opposing view often leads to meaningful exchanges.



Genetically Commodified is an ongoing multi-disciplinary project (drawing, installation, sound) that investigates the consequences of introducing GMOs into our food supply. Through recent political and media discussions, familiarity with serious issues affecting our industrial food chain is steadily increasing. Genetically Commodified explores these issues within an artistic framework, working across mediums to create an integrated environment where the audience can consider the influence of GMOs.